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A smaller version of Wasabi. 

A smaller version of Wasabi. 

Anonymous asked
Post some more of your portfolio!

As much as I would love to, I’m incredibly disappointed by the outcome of my portfolio;;;; MAYBE ONE DAY..

I feel like I haven&#8217;t drawn in forever. 

I feel like I haven’t drawn in forever. 


$10 Waist Up Commissions

need some quick money!

Ref Links:
Quick Description of Personality:

please email me at mrruister@gmail.com if you’re interested!

paypal only, I do not start until I receive payment!

Throw your money @ her.

20 February, 2014 • 23 notes

Taking a break from portfolio work.
My FE Mercenary OC, Azrael, for the group Outrealm Gates on deviantart.

A page from my portfolio!